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In a rapidly changing world, it is necessary to constantly rethink the prevailing wisdom …

Now into our fourth decade of continuous research operations, EKOS has conducted hundreds of applied research projects that have required a provincial or national focus involving complex design and reporting requirements.

We set the highest possible standards in conceptualization, sample design, instrument design, field logistics, data processing, advanced statistical analysis, and reporting. No job is too big or too small for our multidisciplinary research team.

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Syndicated Research

EKOS has long been an industry leader in innovative and reliable syndicated research. For nearly 20 years, EKOS’ Rethinking line of syndicated studies have received considerable attention from the media, and are widely respected as some of the most thorough examinations of the issues facing both private and public organizations today. Unlike omnibus studies, EKOS’ syndicated projects are designed as true partnerships among the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors, enabling sponsors to tailor each of the studies to their specific needs while benefitting from a wide variety of research perspectives.

Beginning with the first of these syndicated studies — Rethinking Government — in 1994, this series has created a rich database of views from well over 50,000 Canadians on a wide-ranging number of issues. With tracking that reaches back more than 20 years, our clients can analyze how the public’s views on, for example, immigration or government priorities have evolved over time. And, recognizing the growing integration of the North American marketplace, our studies include comparative surveys with American respondents on key indicators.

EKOS’ current line of Rethinking studies include Rethinking Government, Rethinking the Information Highway, Rethinking Citizen Engagement, Rethinking North American Integration, Rethinking Science and Society, Rethinking Energy and Sustainable Development, and Rethinking Canada’s Aging Population.

Most recently our Health and Healthcare series details Canadians’ concerns for the future of healthcare and offers deep insights into the changing priorities of an aging population, and of governments that continue to face budgetary pressures.

In addition to the Rethinking line of syndicated studies, EKOS has also introduced the Security Monitor. This study is designed to provide decision-makers with a regular flow of information on Canadian’s attitudes to internal and external security threats and related government responses, with monthly surveys of Canadians.

In addition to these subscription products, EKOS can also offer Citizen Engagement Through Scientific Public Consultation (SPC). Over the past five years, EKOS has developed a technique called Scientific Public Consultation, a practical and cost effective way of bringing the representative and considered judgement of the public to the policy table. Using this metholology, EKOS can tailor SPC to meet a client’s specific needs based on considerations such as the topic, timeframe, involvement of stakeholders, and available budget.