Privacy Policy

EKOS Research Associates Inc. – Privacy Policy

EKOS Research Associates Inc. is committed to maintaining the security and privacy of the information we collect from the public.

This policy applies to all information provided to us by the public, whether they be panel members, survey respondents, focus group participants, or those who request material such as studies or reports from EKOS.

Any demographic information provided during data collection is only presented to clients in an aggregated form. To protect anonymity, no individual information will ever be released, .

We will not, under any circumstances, share, sell, trade, or otherwise transfer any individual information collected by us to any third-party, without your express permission.

EKOS will never use email addresses provided to us to send ‘spam’, or unsolicited commercial emails.

Access to information collected by EKOS is restricted to EKOS employees who require the information for research or business purposes. Our staff is trained to respect the rules of data integrity and confidentiality, and to abide by the terms of the federal Privacy Act, and the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

Anyone who wants to opt out of receiving survey research calls from our company may do so by contacting us directly at We will also respect opt-out requests from a third-party, on behalf of individuals, if we are satisfied the third-party has the authority to act on their behalf.

We have anti-fraud measures in place to protect your privacy. We will act on instructions regarding your personal information when we are satisfied the request is being made directly by you or by a third-party who has the authority to act on your behalf. We will honour requests from third-party organizations acting on your behalf if they can demonstrate they are, in fact, acting on your behalf, and if we are satisfied with their personal information management and authentication practices.

The EKOS website does not use cookies. If any cookies are used by a specific EKOS web-based survey, respondents will be notified in the invitation to participate.

Please note this site contains links to other web sites which may have different privacy policies than those of EKOS. We encourage you to refer to the privacy policies posted on third-party sites.

There are certain types of information about visitors to EKOS websites that are kept by user-logs on the web server. This information includes the pages visited, the IP address of visitors, time spent on the site, etc. This information is used by EKOS to improve our sites and manage site traffic. No individual identifying information is collected.

If you have any questions about this policy, please contact us at