Market Research

Market Research

Accurate information is a precondition for success in today’s fiercely competitive markets. EKOS provides timely access to market intelligence along with creative and practical implementation strategies. EKOS has a proven record of excellence in turning knowledge into effective, actionable advice for decision-makers.

In providing an in-depth look at today’s markets, EKOS supplies our clients with a comprehensive understanding of the predictors of the perceptions and actions of the public. EKOS relies on innovative research designs including client satisfaction surveys, one-on-one intercept interviews with users, and other techniques to present clients with the information they need to make decisions.

Key areas in which EKOS delivers custom market research include:

  • Brand development and testing
  • Reputation measurement and management
  • Strategic communications, messaging development, and testing
  • Pricing/demand forecasting
  • Customer/client experience and satisfaction
  • Current and potential audience research
  • Media analysis and currency measurement

EKOS develops innovative research designs to meet the particular market research needs of our clients. We have the capacity to design and conduct online, telephone, mail and mixed-mode surveys, online and in-person interviews and focus groups, and one-on-one intercept interviews to provide clients with the information they need to make decisions. Or online panel makes recruitment easy — and because we maintain one of Canada’s only probability-based panels, we can deliver the most representative segments of the markets our clients are trying to reach.

Strategic Communications

EKOS remains the source for the very best in empirically-informed strategic thinking. Having advised everyone from national political and business leaders to small businesses and NGOs, we provide balanced and effective insight into the public mind. Our team will help you decide who to reach and how to connect with them.

Media Analysis & Currency Measurement

EKOS provides exemplary capacity for media analysis and currency measurement. Having recently conducted a three-year proof of concept testing program in conjunction with NADBank, our HD-IVRTM system provides unbeatable speed, accuracy, and cost efficiency across national media markets. We can deliver top-line readership estimates or a deep analysis of a specific demographic and can do so with scientific accuracy and validity.

EKOS key areas of specialization include: