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Who We Serve

EKOS Research has more than 30 years of experience working with a wide range of clients in the public, not-for-profit, and private sectors. Our clients include the heads of government, business, and media — we take pride in the sustained quality of our research and serve our clientele with excellence. We maintain professional offices in three provinces and conduct research across Canada and around the world.

EKOS key areas of specialization include:



EKOS Research opened its doors in 1980 with a series of contracts with the Government of Canada. We have since become one of the leading suppliers of evaluation and public opinion research for the federal government.


We have conducted research for most provincial/territorial governments, including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland.


EKOS Research has worked with a number of municipalities, consulting stakeholders, and residents alike on vision and priorities for the community, conducting engagement exercises, as well as measuring satisfaction with services.


Professional associations

We have worked with many professional associations, consulting membership, or stakeholder groups to conduct surveys on member satisfaction, sector-related policy issues, and human resources.


Some of our most important work has been done with charitable organizations in many different fields, including health and well-being, sports and recreation, environment and wildlife, education, social services, and public policy.


We have supported a wide spectrum of academic projects with full service research as well as field and tabulation services that have involved consulting the general public, specialized populations, and stakeholder groups. And EKOS continues to collaborate on a number of research projects that bridge the academic and corporate worlds, providing a model for future research partnerships.


We have worked with a broad range of private sector organizations over the past 30 years, from large, blue chip organizations to smaller, boutique companies. We help our private sector clients with their market research requirements, as well as other issues of importance such as brand and reputation management, and communication strategies.

What We Do

EKOS Research is at its best in developing the most effective insights into the economic, social, policy — and political — issues that business and government leaders face around the globe. For more than 30 years, EKOS has conducted thousands of applied research projects of provincial and national scope involving complex design and reporting requirements. We set the highest standards in conceptualization, sample design, instrument design, field logistics, data processing, advanced statistical analysis, and reporting. No job is too big or too small for our multidisciplinary research team. The following provides an overview of our firm’s research expertise.

Engagement Consultation

EKOS provides a wide range of public engagement options, and we cover everything from recruitment of general and specialized populations to full public engagement services. This can be real-time online group discussions or moderated in-person sessions.

EKOS leads the engagement consultation field with our¬†Citizen Engagement Through Scientific Public Consultation (SPC) product. Having developed a technique called Scientific Public Consultation, EKOS offers a practical and cost effective way of bringing the representative and considered judgement of the public to the policy table. Rather than faddish citizen’s panels — that tend to self-select those already well-informed and inclined to comment on a given issue — EKOS ensures participants are representative of the general population, without specialist knowledge but ready to genuinely deliberate with their peers. Our recruitment services are probability-based as well, guaranteeing that your engagement exercise captures a truly representative voice of the population.

Most importantly, using this methodology EKOS can tailor SPC to meet a client’s specific needs based on considerations such as the topic, timeframe, involvement of stakeholders, and available budget.

Qualitative Research

Qualitative research provides a deeper understanding of the public mind, the attitudes and motivations of your employees, and reveals the hidden meanings and values that inform how everyday choices are made. This realm is where EKOS provides exceptional research support and service.

From focus groups, to key informant interviews and into ethnographic research, content analysis and a whole host of other qualitative methods, EKOS can help your market research unlock the real motivations of your target audience. We can highlight the convergent themes — aspirational or otherwise — in your political advertising and we can add nuance to your quantitative research program.

Field Services (Probit)

Our in-house field centre provides you with the latest in cutting-edge research capacity. From one of Canada’s largest online probability based panels, our HD-IVRTM¬†survey tool, along with sampling and recruitment services to a boutique inbound/outbound call centre, EKOS delivers large scale survey capacity at low cost.