Research Infrastructure

Research Infrastructure

Building on our methodological rigour and innovative adaptation of both qualitative and quantitative research techniques, EKOS is equipped to respond to all requirements — large or small — collecting data by telephone (live and through IVR), by mail, by fax and online, in focus groups, consistently delivering the highest quality data on time and in the form most useful to our clients.

EKOS continues to set the highest standards in conceptualization, sample design, instrument design, field logistics, data processing, and advanced statistical analysis.

Telephone Surveys

Data collection for all telephone surveys is conducted via EKOS’ state-of-the-art Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) facility in Ottawa. EKOS personnel are among Canada’s most sophisticated users of the CallWeb CATI software and continue to implement methodological approaches that enable new and innovative lines of questioning.

Online Surveys

With the remarkable growth of the Internet, online surveying has become a vital method of data collection. EKOS’ researchers have responded to this challenge, drawing on methodological expertise to understand the advantages and potential pitfalls of online surveying. Using technology that parallels the CATI system in its flexibility and effectiveness, EKOS ensures its ability to provide clients with real-time results from this form of self-administered quantitative survey.

The Probit Panel

Probit is EKOS’ Internet-telephone survey tool for answering serious research questions and is the most rigorously constructed hybrid survey tool in Canada. Probit is perfectly suited to polling, communications, evaluation, market research, or any project that requires valid, representative sampling.

Probit is driven by two elegantly simple principles of survey research:

  1. Everyone should be able to appear in the sample
  2. They should be sampled in a random manner

We have created a purely random panel, using the Internet to conduct surveys and then bolstering those online results with a parallel sample of phone-only (and — increasingly — cell phone-only) households. Through the application of Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) technologies we have been able to build this panel in an extremely cost effective manner.

The panel is constantly being refreshed to avoid going back to the same respondents again and again. Further, individuals cannot opt in — the only way to become a respondent is for us to select participants randomly.

In brief, the Probit panel is randomly recruited from the general population and supports a full coverage method, meaning it is a hybrid Internet-telephone sample. By accounting for households that do not use the Internet with the telephone portion of Probit, EKOS ensures no element of the Canadian population is missed.

Unlike opt-in Internet-only research panels, EKOS’ products support confidence intervals and error testing.

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Omnibus Services

EKOS has developed a suite of innovative omnibus research services offering:

  • High quality data — the data you receive is reliable and holds up to any measure of accountability;
  • Fast turnaround; and,
  • Affordability.

Our products provide our clients with high quality data at a very affordable price. We ensure our clients get the answers to their questions fast and the data they receive is reliable and holds up to any measure of accountability.

Our omnibus services are powered by Probit, EKOS’ innovative hybrid telephone/online research panel. Probit stands apart from the average research panel.

Focus Groups and Other Types of Qualitative Research

EKOS relies on qualitative techniques to examine the deeper meaning of issues and what they mean to people and organizations. A seasoned expert in the application of focus groups, one-on-one interviews, dyads and triads, case studies and Delphi panels, EKOSs qualitative team has the experience to offer a customized client approach.

Mail Surveys

EKOS has a proven track record in managing self-administered mail surveys, with projects ranging in size from 100 to more than 100,000 survey instruments. Regardless of the magnitude of the task, our clients can rely on the same high quality and timely results for all projects.