About EKOS

The EKOS Advantage

Since its inception EKOS has had an unwavering focus on its core vision — knowledge for action. This deceptively simple commitment guides our organization in the application of scientifically accurate evidence to solve real-world problems for our diverse clients. Although the mission has remained the same, the methods and techniques for applying reliable and valid evidence to the solution of strategic decision making has been constantly refined to respond to new challenges and substantive topics.

There are myriad consulting options in the intellectual marketplace. Our unique focus has been to understand the objective reality of the problems we study, how they are influenced by various forces, and what the options are for successful intervention by our clients. This includes a remarkable spectrum of marketing, communications, and policy challenges. In all cases we return to the question of how we can apply timely, accurate, and credible evidence to the solution of real-world problems our clients bring to us.